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Dean was raised in a ministry home. His parents were in ministry for many years. They ministered in prisons, Gospel business men’s association, and also traveled the East coast as tent evangelist. Dean turned away to follow his own life in his twenties. He spent ten plush years doing his own thing. In his mid-thirties, he re-committed his life to follow the Lord fully and has never turned back. Dean has served the media/television department of several churches in the evenings and weekends for many years. He has designed and helped implement media departments in many of those ministries.

The Lord moved his heart to facilitate a men’s ministry group for hurting and broken men. Also during this time, the Lord revealed through a dream the importance of people understanding the sigs of the times. Since that time he has devoted himself to teaching utilizing a “show and tell’ style to explain the advancements in technology in relationship to end times.


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– End times and technology, teaching