Cynthia is a prophetic teacher, deliverance, and inner healing minister.

Her style is one of practical application. She speaks truth and challenges all to live to the fullest in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

She is serious and no-nonsense when ministering to the hurting and captive. She loves deeply and believes the greatest form of love is to assist others to become all God created them to be.

Cynthia travels extensively but calls Florida her home. she is originally from rural Michigan.

She moved to Pensacola, Florida in her late thirties to follow the call the Lord has issued when she was a teenager. Her life is testimony it is never too late to join God in His plan for your life.  During ministry school, the Lord spoke to Cynthia of a teaching ministry to include media. It wasn’t until she met and married Dean that the beginning of the word was fulfilled.

Her life proclaims that God is about restoring the broken, setting free the captive and fulfilling the purpose we were designed for.