Cynthia Martin, Who I am

For 20 years I have worked to diligently helping others find the freedom and wholeness I have found. Nothing is better than knowing you are on the right track, at the right time, going the right way.

I have always heard from the Lord very easily. When I take the time to stop and listen it’s easy. Hearing God, has never been a problem, stopping to listen has been more of the issue.

As I have stated I am a bit of a driven person. Physiologists would probably classify me as type A. I love to work and have difficulty resting. According to the theory, that means my personality is more competitive highly organized, ambitious, impatient, highly aware of time management and/or aggressive. Temperament indicators classify me as choleric with a bit of melancholy added in.

Choleric as defined in an article “4 Primary Temperaments”

Choleric’s are naturally result-oriented. They have active, positive, and forward movement, in an antagonistic environment. They influence their environment by overcoming opposition to get results.

Choleric’s are extroverted, quick-thinking, active, practical, strong-willed, and easily annoyed. They are self-confident, self-sufficient, and very independent minded. They are brief, direct, to the point, and firm when communicating with others. A Choleric person likes pressure and is easily bored when things are not happening fast enough. They are bold and like to take risks.

The sad part is most psychologists says it rare to find a woman who has an A personality. Well, I guess I am rare or proof they are wrong.

Most of that definition is true, yet I subscribe to God’s identity.  The human race likes to put people into groups and define them.  It’s nice to help us understand. However, God makes us all different.  He creates us to complement what he created us to do.

Most of the aspects of who I am have made it difficult to reconcile with most traditional female Biblical roles. I encountered many obstacles throughout my life.  Those within religion were the most hurtful.

Needless to say, I have found myself as a plastic person. What I mean by that description is I didn’t feel real. I knew how to be acceptable. I knew what others wanted and expected but it wasn’t me.  Years of attempting to be what others thought I should be, caused me to think there must be something wrong with who I was. I must be broken, I thought. God must have made a mistake somehow.

I struggled for years wondering, God’s Word says He created me, so then how could I be a mistake? This question was connected to a core belief that I held about myself. The enemy used it at every opportunity to enforce his hook into my life. It resulted in anger, disappointment, insecurity, sadness, broken relationships, fear, and control. When I finally reached the end of myself and cried out to the Lord.

“Lord I am at the bottom, I am deep in this pit. I do not want to get this low again. I want to get out everything and look at everything. I don’t want out of this pit until it is all dealt with. I want to stay until when I am squeezed you come out. I am tired of what I am seeing come out of me. I’ll stay until you are done.” 

I can say I have never gotten that low again.  He was faithful and continues to be.  I promised the Lord during that time that I would help others with the help that I found.

That journey that God brought me through, is the same path I guide others on when they contact me for assistance.

I work with people who have reoccurring issues they can’t break free from:

  • Physically or sexually abused
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Not able to move on from, broken relationships, the death of someone, trauma.
  • Those struggling with their beliefs, identity, Godly thinking
  • Those who are struggling to pray and connect with God

People who are:

  • Tormented by fear or nightmares
  • Struggle with control issues or negatively
  • Inability to be vulnerable
  • Inability to be love themselves

I provide ministry, teaching, & coaching in the areas of:

  • Inner healing
  • Prophetic Prayer
  • Deliverance Ministry
  • Spiritual Warfare teaching and training
  • Spiritual gift and ministry activation
  • Soul Ties
  • Generational Ties – Blood Line issues
  • Shame Core
  • Forgiveness

I believe that God is the greatest adventure and that He wants to have an intimate relationship with you. He desires for you to be blessed and prosperous.


Welcome to our new site – same minsitry new look

Redesigning a new website is necessary but for those of us who are not creatively gifted, it is a challenge.  Each new thing I learn I am so glad God made us all different, there are those who understand design.  It is not one of my gifts.   Somewhere out there is a creative person who wants to assist the ministry with their gift, if that is you, pick us, please!

Our hope is our site will tell you who we are, what we do and how we can help you.  We specifically want it to be easy to navigate, but it still needs to look nice.

We are Dean and Cynthia Martin, based of out of the United States., Florida to be exact.  As most couples, we are as different as night and day.  However, God saw fit to place us together and we are so glad He did.  We met while working in our local church. We were both part of the Cleansing Stream team ministry. We belonged to that team and traveled with our church ministering at retreats as well as in our local location for several years.

When that ministry was discontinued and God moved us to work as singles pastors at another local church, we both continued to work healing the broken-hearted and setting captives free. It is part of who we are as individuals and as a couple.

Over the next few days, I will be introducing who we are and what we do.  You can check out each of our individual pages if you want a sneak peek.

I added a  photo of us taken a few years ago so that you can put faces to the names.  The photo was taken during a house church meeting we were apart of.

Let us know how we can help you get to know us better!

Blessings Cynthia